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We are your self-insurance partners.

Learn more about who we are and what we do.

Let’s face it: Without the right guidance, self-insurance can be challenging.

To maximize the value and take control of your self-insurance program, you need a trusted partner who can provide reliable and timely advice.

By offering clarity, actionable advice, options, and administrative assistance, Bay Oaks Group will minimize your workload, giving you more time to focus on the big picture.

Whether it’s an excess insurance quote, a feasibility study, assistance with a state regulatory filing, or a review of existing programs, Bay Oaks Group has the knowledge and experience to help you make informed decisions.

As Your Wholesale Broker Partner, we will…

Complete all carrier-required application forms

Negotiate coverage terms, conditions, and premiums

Evaluate alternative options that may reduce costs and improve coverage

Secure quotes from multiple A-rated carriers

Provide recommendations for the best available coverage

We offer the following services…

Unbundled Risk and Program Management Services

Feasibility Studies for Prospective Self-Insurers

Assistance with State Regulatory Filings

Placement and Negotiation of Self-Insurance Bonds or other Required Collateral

Consulting Services

Cost Containment Reviews

Educational Seminars

When it comes to self-insurance, there are three things that count…

Expertise. Relationships. And, of course, Results.

For some wholesale brokers, self-insurance is one of many things they also do. At Bay Oaks Group, it’s at the heart of what we do – and we do it well.

Bay Oaks provides brokerage services to self-insureds, insurance agents, brokers and TPAs who serve individual and group self-insurance programs.

We work with individual and group self-insurers, both public and private, nationwide. Our dedicated wholesale brokerage division helps retail brokers develop and maintain self-insured programs. We also offer self-insurance solutions for public entity liability programs, and unbundled consulting, risk management, and program administration services.

Products Offered

Excess Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Buffer Layer/Buy-Down Coverages

Occupational Accident Insurance

Aggregate Only Coverages

Self-Insurance Bonds

Loss Portfolio Transfers

Liability Coverages

General Liability

Auto Liability

Educators Legal Liability

Public Officials Liability

Professional Liability




Educators/School Board Legal

Public Officials

Employment Practices

Employee Benefits Liability

Sexual Abuse and Molestation

Meaningful service means making things easier for you.

At Bay Oaks Group, we do the heavy lifting. Whether we are saving you time by relieving you of administrative tasks like completing applications or helping you determine what coverages will best suit your client, working with Bay Oaks means less stress and more time to focus on the big picture.

Meet the Team

John Congdon
Chief Executive Officer

Throughout his career, John has been involved in the launch of numerous successful self-insurance programs that have delivered meaningful cost savings and service…

Vincent Capaldi
President; Wholesale Brokerage Division

He has extensive experience and expertise with self-insured workers’ compensation and self-insured public entity liability programs nationwide…

Deborah Moller
Vice President; Wholesale Brokerage Division

Debbie has established herself as an industry expert in self-insurance plans in more than a dozen states, particularly in the area of marketing and...

Elizabeth Walker
Operations Manager

Liz has worked directly in support of numerous group and stand-alone self-insured workers’ compensation programs since 2003…

Piper Congdon
CHO (Chief Happiness Officer)

Need a sensitive document shredded into illegible, drool-stained tatters or maybe just a mid-day walk to clear your head?

Holly Congdon
Assistant Chief Happiness Officer

When happiness is a company value, one Chief Happiness Officer just isn’t enough…

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