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Program Management

Take your Self-Insurance Program to the Next Level with our Program Management Services

Your self-insurance program is complex. But with our expertise and personalized attention to your needs, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Ready to ease your burden?

Bay Oaks Group has the experience and expertise to help you manage your program effectively.

We are your Program Management partners.

Our dedicated, knowledgeable team understands your self-insurance program. Let us help you create, implement and manage a tailored risk management solution.

With our help, you can be sure your program is achieving your goals year in and year out.

Why Bay Oaks Group?

We simplify the state approval process, implement straightforward quality control measures, institute proper monitoring and reporting programs, and supply concise analytical reports.

Bay Oaks actively supports self-insurers by monitoring program performance, coordinating claims reviews and developing data-driven reports for management.

Our Program Management Services include…

Creation of Program Documentation, Governing Structure, and Structure of Service Providers

Ongoing Support & Education of Governing Board

Assist in the Establishment of Appropriate Funding Levels

Coordination of Independent Financial Review, Independent Actuarial Review, and Financial Reporting to Regulatory Authorities

Management of Quality Assurance Programs

We’re here for you year-round. Not just at renewal.

Insurance renewals can be frustrating.

Are you unhappy with your quotes or terms?

Does budgeting your renewal feel less like a business decision and more like a rollercoaster?

We can help. Bay Oaks Group is here to bring you the options you need and the clarity to make sense of it all. We leverage our relationships with multiple excess carriers to bring you more than one quote at renewal time.

When it comes to renewals, why settle for anything less?

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!

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